Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thank God & Greyhound - Ta Ta, Rhea

Rhea Tays Michael Fulmer has attributed her loss in yesterday's election to Lauderdale County voters marking a straight Republican ticket. Yet Dewey Mitchell in Lauderdale managed to overcome such voters. No, Rhea, you even lost your home boxes of Elgin and Center Star. Political office shouldn't be used for personal vendettas. Yes, it always has been misused by some, but today's voters have a right to expect more from their elected officials.

Congratulations, Roger Garner!


We've received several questions concerning the termination of Killen police chief Mark Parker. We have heard no rationale for his dismissal that we can confirm. We urge all interested Killen residents to inquire into the matter with their elected officials. If you live in Killen, the mayor and council serve you, work for you.

You may not get an answer for several reasons, but if you feel these elected officials are not responsive to the citizens of Killen, there will be a chance to replace them in not quite four years. In the mean time, keep a close eye on them. The watchful eye of the public has been known to make politicians and children behave.

We have to ask if the Killen council, like Cherokee, had previously met in private to discuss this?

OB's Corner has contact information: Mark Parker




  1. Sometime after I moved I sent Fulmer a friend request on Facebook. She sent back a msg. that she couldn't find me on the Lauderdale County voter list. I still have plenty of family in Killen, Elgin, etc. and I told everyone of them about her response. If she treated everyone that way that may just be why she wasn't reelected.

  2. I meant to add that those certain rogue bloggers are saying Mark Parker was fired for his lifestyle whatever that means.

  3. I received a friend request from her on FB and sent her a message asking how we knew each other. I didn't get a response back, so I checked ignore don't know this person.