Monday, November 5, 2012

Roger Creekmore/Threats at Cherokee High School

When casting a vote, it's always a great feeling to know that even if your candidate doesn't win, the office will be in good hands. We've stated before that will be the case if James Hall should become the next Lauderdale County Probate Judge by defeating our pick William Smith.

Apparently that is also the case in the Colbert County District 5 Commission race. We endorsed Tommy Oswalt on the basis of the man we know him to be. We'll certainly admit that those of us who write for Shoalanda were not that familiar with the kind of man Roger Creekmore is. Readers have taken it upon themselves to inform us of Roger's character and to make us aware of what he has done for the citizens of Colbert County. Here's one recommendation from someone we admire greatly.

I agree with you that Mr Oswalt is a good man, is a successful businessman and has no hidden agenda but the same can also be said about Roger Creekmore.

As a resident of district 5 I believe it would be extremely bad to lose him.In 2007 a company located in Colbert County and began importing Human Waste—from New York City— to be spread on land and used as “fertilizer” in our County. The pathogens present in this waste had the potential for significant health risks to our residents. We were told nothing could legally be done to stop this practice. Roger Creekmore took office, took action, and working with our legislative delegation and the voters of Colbert County passed a constitutional amendment banning this practice. Our public health was protected.

In 2008 our Sheriff’s department was suffering from a lack of adequate patrol cars, Cars dedicated to patrol duty were being run 24 hours a day. Working with the Sheriff other low mileage, state surplus patrol vehicles, at a fraction of the cost of new vehicles. Today the Sheriff’s department has a patrol car assigned to every Deputy and due to the accrued mileage being spread out over more vehicles, overall maintenance costs for the fleet has actually decreased.

In the 10 years prior to 2008, over 25 persons had lost their lives at the “Rock Cut” section of U.S. Hwy 43 north of LIttleville. Roger Creekmore got involved and partnering with the Coroner’s office, Littleville Fire Department and elected officials, directed public attention to the issue. Roger personally went to Gov. Bob Riley and asked for his assistance. Within months this section of the state highway was upgraded, paved and center and outside guardrails were installed. Since completed in 2010—no loss of life in this section of highway.

Roger Creekmore believes in responsibility in government; over the past four years of his service in office, while our national government accumulates trillions in debt and our state government must borrow from its “rainy day’ reserves to meet its obligations, your Colbert County Commission has operated within its means and returned money each year to its general fund reserves. All in the middle of a recession. That’s responsible government taking care to spend your tax dollars wisely.

It would seem in the end, that no matter your choice, District 5 will be in great hands. Don't you wish all offices could boast those kinds of candidates?


Sources say Shoals schools were in lock down this past Friday due to threats involving Cherokee High School. Apparently parents and guardians were not informed of this as it was happening, and many have questions. We have no further knowledge of the situation and appreciate all info from the public.


D.K. has reminded us that the maximum sentence for Manslaughter in the Autumn Wood case could be 20 years, not 15, since a weapon was used. If this should be the final sentence, Wood would be eligible for parole in approximately seven years. Also, we assumed if Wood is convicted of Felony Murder, the judge would sentence her to Life. As D.K. pointed out, while the maximum sentence is Life, the minimum is 20 years. As with the Manslaughter verdict, there is no Correctional Incentive Time for sentences over 15 years, but one could expect a parole hearing in approximately seven years in this case.


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  1. Roger Creekmore is one of the finest people I've had dealings with. He is a former manager at Sherwin-Williams in Florence. He always dealt with us professionally and helped us out whenever there was a problem with the product. Colbert County is lucky to have him.