Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Debra Taylor McClain Robertson: Illegal Juror?

Debra Taylor McClain Robertson

Debra Taylor Robertson, 48, has a criminal record in Lauderdale County dating back over 10 years. Most of the Texas native's arrests in Alabama are drug related, but in the early part of the last decade she was arrested and indicted for arson, a felony and a crime of moral turpitude. Florence police charged Robertson, then known as McClain, with setting fire to the house she shared with her still-married boyfriend. Authorities claimed Robertson had threatened to burn down the East Florence home when spurned. Unfortunately, the grand jury indictment listed an incorrect address, and Robertson escaped trial by agreeing to pay a portion of the repair costs to her erstwhile lover, now reconciled with his wife.

Flash forward ten years, Robertson was arrested November 4th on a misdemeanor charge of Disturbing the Peace and a felony charge of Intimidation of a Witness. We don't know if the charges involve recent arrests of her son or her third husband, both of whom have had legal problems; we do know this allows us to bring up a point concerning the David Darryl Thompson murder trial.

In February 2011, Robertson served on the jury that convicted Thompson on charges of Manslaughter in the death of Killen nurse Melissa Kenney Garrett. Would prosecutors have allowed Robertson to serve if her jury questionnaire had mentioned these previous serious brushes with the law? We've asked two attorneys this question, and both were of the opinion Robertson would never have been selected if her arrest record had been fully reported.

Unfortunately, it's too late to correct. Reports indicate Thompson remains free on an appeal bond in the Garrett shooting. No, justice is never perfect or swift.



  1. Wow! and all this time she claims to be the victim?

  2. Victim? This woman posted as Florine and many others for a time on the TD forums. She used to regularly badger and threaten people, one old lady that could practically be her grandmother. I'm not surprised she tried to intimidate anybody.