Saturday, November 24, 2012

22 Men Missing in Central Alabama...

But enough about the Auburn football team. On the Alabama side, Nick Saban had to hustle to find available Druid Hills Junior High varsity players for the fourth quarter. We're a house divided here at Shoalanda, so we're sure D.K. and some others among us thoroughly enjoyed Bama's lop-sided victory.

Photo: Dave Martin


We received this comment from Dino of Dino's Deliberations, the go-to person for local/state political rationale from both parties. We feel the comment on William Smith's appointment as license commissioner deserves more exposure:

The Governor appoints on recommendation of the local Republican Committee of Lauderdale County. As a County employee, Ms. Marks probably joined her colleagues on the County payroll in practicing non partisan politics. Smith may be the first Republican license commissioner in Lauderdale county for many years. A Democratic governor would have also appointed upon local party recommendation.

Now Mike Goens may feel free to issue several individuals an apology.


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