Friday, November 9, 2012

Daniel Rosser Has Work to Do/50K in Overdrafts?

 Downtown Leighton, Alabama Business District

After we published our blog on voter apathy and poll worker malfeasance in Leighton yesterday, a reader suggested we do more than report the problem to our readers. Current Colbert County Probate Judge Tommy Crosslin pooh-poohed the incident of 50 District 5 voters receiving District 4 ballots. Since the buck stops with the probate judge, we would have expected some promise of "getting to the bottom" of it, but perhaps Crosslin felt he couldn't comment further since he's soon leaving office.

That brings us to Daniel Rosser. We supported, and support, Dan since we feel he's the most qualified for the position. We don't expect Mr. Rosser to do miracles within 24 hours of taking office, but we do expect more efficiently run elections in future. We hope to publish a comment from Dan shortly.


It would seem Leighton has more pressing problems than poorly informed poll workers. It's been reported that approximatley 50K in payments to Leighton's waste disposal department were co-mingled with water department funds and apparently never returned.

Does one city department have to sue another city department in order to make this right? Again, the TimesDaily simply reported the situation, but asked no questions concerning how this happened and what was being done to correct it.

The TD also reported that Leighton had 50K in overdraft charges during the past year. Just a thought here, but after around one or two thousand in such charges, wouldn't the town learn not to write checks when there was no money in its accounts? Novel idea, we're sure, but it's worked for us.


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