Saturday, November 17, 2012

Memorial Grove Park/Sheffield

Quick, before it's gone, drive west on Florence Boulevard and look to the right as you intersect with Tennessee Street. You'll see Memorial Grove Park, but mainly you'll be enthralled by the red maple trees that have turned a glorious auburn color. A line of the young trees surround the entire park, and we can only imagine how beautiful this will be when the trees are older.


What do others think of the Shoals? We weren't sure whether to be happy, sad, or just amused about this quote concerning Sheffield:

The purpose of building an attraction in a town is to get people to visit who otherwise wouldn't. In that respect, the 18-foot-tall rock 'n' roller in Sheffield is a success. Driving down the bumpy streets of this hardscrabble city, you think your directions must be a mistake; the statue seems so out-of-character. But there it is, shiny and hard not to notice. - Roadside America


Concerning the above quote, thanks to the Quad-Cities Daily for all they do to help bring success to Sheffield. You can always find an interesting read: Link


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