Monday, November 12, 2012

Attention, Mr. Florence Child Molester/SCA Barton

Yes, you may like girls who have reached puberty, but since one of your victims was only 12, that technically makes you a child molester. Recently you've been making several mothers nervous by hanging around a certain venue, sitting in the back in the dark and staring. To quote one mother, you've been "creeping them out."

Oh, but you say you've never really harmed anyone since you aren't a rapist. Well, yes you have, and we have several e-mails from families who have told us how their relatives still suffer for what you did to young girls who trusted you.

The law entitles you to drop someone off where children are present and to pick them up. We suggest you adhere to this--we're sure you can find something to do in downtown Florence while you wait for whomever it is you're chauffeuring. 

And if you don't discontinue your antics? We have the phone number to the proper authorities and will make sure the families that have contacted us also have it.


From The Blaze:

The SCA plant in Barton (AL) will begin reducing staff immediately, and the cuts will continue through 2015. SCA officials confirmed they are cutting jobs, at not only the Barton facility, but at locations around the world. They’re calling it a “global cost and productivity program,” and it will be implemented over the next three years


We're sure many of our readers have been called for jury duty at some point. Prospective jurors are given a questionnaire which they must fill out honestly. Two of the questions are:

26. Have you ever been arrested? ( ) Yes ( ) No
27. Have you, a close relative, or a close friend ever been convicted of a crime? ( ) Yes ( ) No

What if a prospective juror is using a name different from the one they were arrested/convicted under? Does the clerk's office run a background check using social security numbers? How would having such a person, particularly one who continues to thumb their nose at the law, on a criminal trial jury affect the verdict? We'll look at one such case tomorrow.


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