Friday, November 2, 2012

A Child in Danger? Yes! - Part II

Mark Davis has now spent years trying to regain 50% custody of his daughter, custody the Tennessee courts gave him. Not only is Mark confronted with a huge uphill battle, he is now concerned about the moral character of two of his daughter's caregivers--his ex-sister-in-law and her fiancee'.

We use the term fiancee' since the couple present themselves as engaged, even though Alabama does not recognize same sex marriage. Also, Mark's sister-in-law continues to advertise for new relationships on Pink Cupid, a popular Lesbian hook-up site on which she has two profiles. We understand that many same-sex couples have lived monogamous lives for years, but this particular couple would not seem to be one of them.

Mark is also concerned about the presence of alcohol and other drugs in the home of these two women. If their Facebook page is so open concerning their use of such drugs, how much more is present in their private life? What does Mark's daughter see every day?

Desperate for a chance to present this evidence in court, Mark filed for an emergency hearing. As we've recently heard from others, the word "emergency" in Lauderdale Circuit Court apparently doesn't mean what it does to the average citizen. Faced with the inaction of local courts, Mark decided to take a bold step.

To be continued tomorrow...


Several readers have commented concerning the daughter of Ronald Weems and Laurel Pruett. She was also at the recent baptism of Weems, an event that reportedly occurred at a Baptist Church in Muscle Shoals. Relatives and friends say that Laquania Welch Weems continues to have custody of Pandora Pruett, who was videotaped with her father after the baptism. 

For those who wish to see Pandora placed in a permanent loving home, please contact Colbert County DHR:


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