Sunday, November 18, 2012

Keith McGuire's Teaching License Restored...Conditionally

Ten years, and it's still not over. Last week a Montgomery County Circuit Court conditionally restored the teaching license of one-time Lexington barber Brian Keith McGuire. Before the former Clements coach can return to the classroom he must complete seven steps, among them counseling.

Should Keith McGuire fail in any of the steps or should he not pass muster with his counselor, he will not win the right to return to the classroom. And what if his teaching license is fully restored?

McGuire, now reportedly using the name Brian, has not taught in over four years. During this time the man also known as Fox was employed in a sportswear factory and tried for the rape of a teenager. After being found not guilty by a Lauderdale County jury, McGuire began work as a prison guard in south Alabama. Will any state school hire McGuire after the publicity his cases have garnered? We doubt even Fog Horn Jr. High in Dog Ear would be interested, but stranger things have happened.

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