Thursday, November 8, 2012

Leighton Not a Show Stopper? No, Just Apathetic

Election Day 2012: Fifty voters at Leighton Town Hall, District 5, were mistakenly given District 4 ballots. How many noticed the error and reported it? The same number who apparently don't care who their county commissioner is. Zero to be exact.

Lame duck Colbert County Probate Judge Tommy Crosslin called it a non-showstopper, meaning the snafu didn't affect the outcome of the election in which Roger Creekmore retained his commission seat. Creekmore defeated Tommy Oswalt by 64 votes. There was no commission race in District 4 since the incumbent ran unopposed.

Colbert Countians are fortunate in having six commissioners; Lauderdale has only two commission districts. Colbert's commissioners should have a close relationship with their constituency, yet apparently neither Creekmore nor Oswalt made any impression on these 50 Leighton voters. Nor did these 50 individuals care who their next commissioner was. Can we get a collective "Pitiful?"


That brings us to the poll workers at Leighton Town Hall. We say workers, but in a small precinct, there may have been only one responsible for issuing the ballots. Apparently quite a bit of worker training is needed in Colbert County. Let's hope they get it before the next election.



  1. Since I was going to be a Lagrange college site, I stopped in to get pictures of their first Pink Pumpkin Festival for the They were supposed to have a bike and foot race, vendors, arts and crafts. One table was set up. I didn't send in the pictures I took as it would ahve been an article on apathy.

  2. I don't think it was quite like you have it. Those folks who voted there probably didn't even know what district they are in. And I find it hard to believe that it's only 50 who vote there. I vote at the other polling place in Leighton and I was 125 around lunchtime. I think Mr Oswalt would have been great for the job. His attitude towards this screw up is very becomming of a gentleman. I don't think he even wanted to do a revote and let Creekmore have it. He's a winner to my family regardless of the votes.

    1. Leighton Town Hall hosted voters in both District 4 and District 5; that was the problem. I don't know how many from District 4 voted, but 50 from District 5 voted and were all given District 4 ballots. In other words, no District 5 ballots were distributed.

      Looking at the map, there would be many more registered voters from District 4 than District 5.