Friday, November 30, 2012

Big Doin's in Rogersville Monday

Miz Shoalanda asked me to fill y'all in on the next Rogersville Town Council meetin' that's scheduled for Monday night at 6:30. Looks like there just may be some fireworks if one new council member gets his way. Boy, has that camper been rockin'.

This here's what I understand will be on what they call the agenda if ol' Jim Landers gets his way:

1. His first resolution calls for the disbanding of the Rogersville Planning and Zoning Commission as well as for the disbanding of the Rogersville Zoning Board of Adjustment.  If the rumor is accurate, this resolution also calls for the powers and responsibilities of this Commission and Board to be assumed by the Rogersville Town Council.

2. His second resolution, among a few other items, is to remove the Rogersville Mayor's ability to authorize expenditures for items costing less than $500.00.  Again, if the rumor is accurate, this resolution requires town council approval of all expenditures made by the town.

3. His third resolution calls for a State Department of Public Examiners to conduct a comprehensive audit of just about everything that is owned by the town of Rogersville.  This includes all government organizations such as the fire department, police department, etc.  

4. His forth resolution has, if you can believe it, the biggest impact! It effectively strips the Mayor of his ability to hire and fire town employees except over a few staff positions while allowing the Mayor to retain supervisory responsibilities over all town positions.   In renaming key leadership positions within the town government this resolution reserves to the council itself the power to hire/terminate the following positions: 

Town Clerk and Magistrate,
Police Chief and Police Officers,
Deputy Police Chief and Building Inspector,
Street and Recreation Supervisor,
Fire Chief,
Town Attorney, Town Judge, and Town Prosecutor
Library Director and Senior Citizen Director

5. Another resolution that is to be on the agenda for Monday formally establishes town employee work hours, lunch hours and schedule. 

Most of my friends and cousins in Rogersville are pert disturbed bout number four there. I'd say that really means it's ol' Jim's way or the highway. So if all y'all in Rogersville can come out to the meet up Monday and say your piece bout what's happenin' it might do some good. Otherwise, I might just decide to drive on up to Elgin to buy my bait.

Thankin' y'all in advance and thanks to my cuz FP for typin' out the fancy words in the agenda.

Bubba Leroy Smuckpucker II
Dog Ear, Alabama 


We'll add to Bubba's excellent commentary that item three on the agenda will cost approximately 50K. We hope every concerned citizen of Rogersville will attend the meeting Monday and show strong unified support for Mayor Richard Herston.


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