Saturday, December 1, 2012

Just Where Was That Fire or...

Can anyone at the TotallyDecatur read a street sign? If any of our readers saw the photo of the Florence apartment house that burned Thursday, you may not have been able to place it from the description in the TD. The renovated home sits on the corner of Hermitage Drive and Poplar Street...not Nellie Avenue.

We realize just how easy it is to make mistakes in names, spellings, etc., but we’ve always wondered how TD staff manage to get locations so out of whack when all they have to do is look at a street sign. While on the subject of street signs, we'll congratulate the City of Florence. The vast majority of streets are labeled, not only with heavy duty signage, but with signs that actually glow in the reflection of headlamps after dark. 


The Brewer brothers (Shannon pictured left; Jerry pictured right), recently extradited from Florida, seem to have caused quite a stir with their antics upon arrival at the Florence Detention Center as well as later at their bail hearing. Either they have both been hitting the nitrous oxide or they don't seem to realize the enormity of their current legal situation.

While the detention center is hardly a Baptist Church, we did wonder how so many friends and family were aware of the time the Brewers would reach Florence. Ronald Weems' baptism outside the county jail drew much criticism, and this parade of perps should also.

While the charge against Shannon Brewer may be upgraded to Capital Murder, Jerry faces only theft charges. It's always surprising to see the public demand the death penalty in relation to those who were presumably only aware of a crime after the fact. No matter, neither is hardly an angel, and neither seems in any position to make bail...thankfully.



  1. In the age of digital, I take a picture of the street sign when I'm out taking pictures. There's plenty of room on the card. Once the picture in question is labeled, you can delete it. I also do that we taking pictures in a garden.

    1. Very smart advice. We have to wonder why those with a journalism degree so look down upon non-journalists reporting news stories on blogs, etc.

      We always try to get it right the first time, but if we don't, we can at least say we used the Oxford comma.

      BTW, we never miss a Rosedale Garden or Dirt Therapy blog. We're so lucky to have these wonderful bloggers in our area.

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