Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Brewer Brothers: What We Do & Don't Know

Shannon Brewer

There is now a Facebook Page entitled: Free Jerry and Shannon Brewer. From the site:

I'm sure everyone has seen the story on the news, but what most people don't know is that the news has twisted their story to make them look bad. Shannon killed Mark Dishon in self defense after a gun was pulled on him. He and Jerry (Bubu) ran because they were scared. They are extremely close and Bubu was only protecting his brother, and now he is looking at a 150000 dollar bond or many years in jail. Shannon has a one million dollar bond and his charge could be upgraded to capital murder which would mean life. He is 24 years old and has a 3 year old daughter. They are great kind-hearted boys who would do anything for anyone. The word needs to get out to those who don't know them and only know what the news has reported. They have been talked about for smiling and laughing while coming into the jail, but they were smiling at a 2 year old boy. That part wasn't told. The family doesn't have a lot of money, and needs all the help they can get. Please, anything will help. Also, please share stories on our page that show the character of these boys. Share this page with everyone you can. Get their stories heard. Thanks in advance for all the help and support.

Let's look at what we know and what we don't know. If any information published here should be incorrect, please contact us. The "what we think" items are not open to debate.

What We Know:

1. Shannon Brewer admittedly stabbed and killed a man with whom he was visiting, a man whose hospitality he had enjoyed several times and a man who had invited him into his home on the night he was killed.

2. Mark Dishon's ex wife was living with him and was the only witness to the altercation. She was also stabbed.

3. After stabbing Dishon, Shannon Brewer stole a gun and a heater from the Dishon residence.

4. Jerry Brewer, Shannon's brother, stole an SUV in which he drove his brother through Georgia and Florida in an attempt to escape.

5. The brothers were captured in Florida and extradited back to Florence.

6. Shannon Brewer has a three year-old child who does not live with him, nor does the child's mother.

7. Shannon Brewer has friends who defend him as being totally lovable; however, both Mark Dishon and the mother of his child do/did not agree with this supposed persona.

What We Don't Know:

1. Why Mark Dishon's ex-wife was living with him or if she has changed her account of the stabbing as the Brewer family has reported.

2. Why Shannon Brewer was not living with his family in an honorable relationship.

3. Why Shannon Brewer and Mark Dishon argued.

4. Why Shannon Brewer felt his only "out" was to kill Dishon.

5. Why Shannon Brewer ran, after stealing a gun and a heater.

6. Why Jerry Brewer aided his brother in escaping.

7. Why the brothers didn't turn themselves in after their initial adrenalin rush had subsided.

What We Think:

1. Shannon Brewer may be the kind of man who would give his shirt off his back, but isn't honorable enough to take care of a family/child he is responsible for. (Condoms and other birth control are cheap, folks. We suggest you care enough about yourself and your partner to use them.)

2. Shannon Brewer has enough problems with impulse control that he didn't manage to leave a volatile situation before it escalated, nor did he think things through before initiating his escape. This doesn't bode well for him at trial.

3. The Brewer family may be asking for money for the brothers' defense, but the State will provide a more than adequate defense attorney(s), so any intelligent person who cares about his/her own situation in life won't be donating to the fund.

4. E-Mailing the TimesDaily about incorrect info won't do any good. They rarely admit mistakes...and certainly don't acknowledge anyone whom they feel is in no position to sue.



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  3. Do you,or have you ever had anyone in your life that's divorced or separated? It seems by your blog you think all families that are split(separated or divorced) that they must be dishonorable people.By your blog site you come across as though you're perfect,without sin or past or present mistakes. Jesus is the only one that's without sin & He said for those without sin to cast the first stone..Seems to me you enjoy casting stones on your blog and it's filled with more negative than positive things. I feel by what I've read that you aren't a CHRISTian by most of the judging,casting stones & trying to pull a speck out of someone else's eye when you very well may have a log in yours. Am I right or have you just fallen away from the Lord & become hard hearted? You should share with us more about you and help us to understand the reason as to why you blog the way you do. Yes, even christian's sin. We all fall & come short of the glory of God. The bible says in Matt 7:2 because the way that you judge others will be the way that you will be judged, and you will be evaluated by the standard with which you evaluate others. I'm thankful that God's my judge (everyone's for that matter)& that I'm covered by the blood of the Lord. I pray for all for none goes unaffected by sin & an ungodly world....If we would all turn to God there would be less bad things to talk about. I'm praying that God will be more talked about & eyes looked to Him. The world is full of evil all around & we ALL are affected by again, let's join together for each other in prayers & encouragement. Pray for our enemies..It's not always easy but that's God's way. He said love those that curse us, hurt us...God bless each one that took the time to read & also pray for me & my family & friends. Thanks

    1. The reference to Mark Dishon being divorced was taken from the TimesDaily; we added nothing to it. A private source told us Shannon Brewer did not live with his wife or provide child support. If the latter should be in error, please let us know. It does not make us think well of him if he does not provide for his child. Matthew 7? Perhaps we should all read Matthew 19 on the subject of divorce...

  4. Sandra and mark git a Divorce well living in the same home cuz it affected her ssi check and mark and sandra loved each other very much.and then boys need to do life.for Killing him