Monday, December 17, 2012

What UNA's Bradley Patterson Said/School Resource Officers

What did UNA football player Bradley Patterson (2A_HogOfTheYear) tweet last night? We'll censor it slightly:

"Take that (N-word) off the tv, we wanna watch football!" 

Now Bradley is no longer a third string walk-on. Is anyone worried about UNA's 2013 season? And what of Twitter's loss? It seems the long snapper from Red Bay has deleted his account. Any one think the girlfriend may have deleted Bradley?


If you reside in Alabama, your school has a resource officer...or maybe not. Ideally your school has one. Schools outside Alabama probably have a similar position with perhaps a slightly different name.

So, does your school have one on duty at all times? Over the past two years we've heard Lauderdale County schools have had resource officers removed due to budget constraints. Yes, we've been informed of this in communications that were critical of Sheriff Ronnie Willis. We'll readily admit we didn't think this was much of an issue.

So, a football player runs amok during practice; there are plenty of coaches who can handle him. Another student brings drugs to school; we have an idea there's an assistant principal (read: part-time coach) who can handle the situation. Now we have to ask if we've been mistaken in our beliefs concerning school resource officers.

Can one, armed usually with only pepper spray, save a school from a mass-murderer? That's something that also needs to be reevaluated. These resource officers are trained members of law enforcement--they can handle a firearm and know how to react in emergency situations.

If you have children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or are just close to a child, please call his/her school today. Ask if a resource officer is always on duty. If one isn't, make it you mission to be sure this is corrected.

Note: Florence City Schools are already reevaluating that system's security policies.



  1. Good for UNA for taking a stand against racial bias! Since we elected and re-elected a president of color, it seems the hateful verbiage has grown and become more public. At a local big-box building supply store recently, one of the employees referred openly to the president by that same racial slur. Reporting it to management did no good. Reporting it to the home office elicited no response. Have we really not progressed past this? Really?

  2. What allows Ronnie Willis to pull these officers? Is that legal?