Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Who Alerted Joel Moyers of Indictment?

When Joel Moyers learned he had been indicted in the death of Brandon Hydrick (pictured right), he immediately took an overdose of pills. Now the Limestone District Attorney is looking into who informed Moyers of the secret indictment.

In a statement Jones related: The indictment on four charges - including capital murder, reckless murder, intentionally shooting into an occupied vehicle and recklessly shooting into an occupied vehicle - was handed down by a reconvened grand jury at 4:30 p.m. Friday and not released to the public. Typically, indictments are kept secret until the arrest is made because of the potential flight risk for defendants.

Other sources have indicated District Attorney Jones has not been amused by perceived pressure from residents of Madison County to speed up Moyers' indictment. Both Hydrick brothers and Brandon's girlfriend reside or resided in the Huntsville/Harvest area. An indictment coming nine weeks after a crime is hardly unusual, but online websites and petitions have portrayed it as being. It's our understanding that an indictment is always protocol for a charge of Capital Murder; therefore Moyers didn't receive any special favors when at his initial arrest he was charged with only Felony Murder.

The trial, if no plea deal is offered or accepted, will pit Jones against a team of attorneys paid for by Joel Moyers' mother, reportedly a woman of some financial means (in fact, with each comment we receive, her home on Smith Lake just gets more valuable). Bronwen Murray, Brandon's girlfriend has made it clear she doesn't support a plea.

Murray was vacationing in Europe when news of the indictment reached her, but sent a message to Limestone County reporters in which she stated: "I hope that Joel Moyers doesn't have the last laugh by playing judge, jury, and executioner. The justice system exists for a reason, and the Hydrick family deserves to see Moyers convicted by a jury of his peers and sentenced by a judge qualified to make the call on punishment."

However, it may be Brandon's parents who decide if a plea should be accepted or not. They would avoid the anguish of a trial that's sure to make more national headlines--CNN has already done several stories on the shooting. The NRA has recently made rumblings on the gun issue, and there are rumors that NAMI may become involved. We relish publicity for Northwest Alabama--just not this kind.


On the subject of eccentric Alabama laws and redundancy, we can see how recklessly shooting into a vehicle could possibly not be intentional, but don't fathom how intentionally shooting into a vehicle could not be reckless. No one ever mentions how long the Alabama Code is, but it must put our constitution to shame.



  1. This article summarized: “Who alerted Joel Moyers of the indictment? I have no idea, so I am just going to talk about all this other stuff I know nothing about.” This is a poorly written story. You ask the question of who alerted Joel Moyers of the indictment, yet never address the question. In the first paragraph you state that the Limestone District Attorney is looking into it, but then proceed to ramble on giving your opinion on what will happen in this case.

    Instead of posting the opinion of what the Limestone District Attorney thinks about various petitions and websites, why did you not post his opinion on who he thinks spread the news of the indictment to the killer? That is what this story is about right? "Who alerted Joel Moyers of Indictment"? Since you obviously have “sources” close enough to the District Attorney to get his opinion on these unrelated issues, it shouldn’t be that difficult for you to get his thoughts on the real question of your “article”.

    Does it matter how rich Joel's mother is? Are you implying that money will get him out of this situation? Is that what you would want to happen if this tragedy had happened to one of your family members? Would you still be hoping for him to get the capital murder charge dropped then? All the money in the world shouldn’t be able to get Joel out of this situation. Justice will be served. Joel knows it too, which is likely why he tried to commit suicide when hearing about the upgraded charges.

    I am not a rocket scientist, but I can tell you aren't necessarily an Ivy League graduate judging by the articles you write. Try and find a better hobby!

  2. Obviously if Mr. Brown had told us whom he suspected, we would have reported it here. Being informed of an indictment is no small matter, and any district attorney would want to know who informed Mr. Moyers or any other indictee. We wish no one to flee and certainly wish no one to commit suicide.

    As to what we're implying about Mr. Moyers' family wealth? The case will be vigorously defended unless the family can find some way to have Joel placed in a medical facility, which may be what he needs. The trial, much like a rape trial, will place the Hydrick family on display. It may not be fair, but that's the reality of it.

    You ask how we would feel if it were our family. We've addressed this issue many times. Vengeance isn't justice. That's why family and friends are not on juries.

  3. Growing up in Killen I used to go shooting with my uncles. I even had an NRA card at one time. I no longer support this org, but you can bet the defense will try to get as many members on the jury as possible and the prosecution will try to keep them off.

    I think you're right in guessing most of these commenters are under 30. Everything used to be either white or black when I was that age. Still it speaks well of Hydrick that he had such close friends.