Monday, December 3, 2012

What Was Sheriff Ronnie Willis Thinking?

Lauderdale County Sheriff Ronnie Willis has gotten quite a bit of bad publicity lately--a fact that may have influenced a recent decision on the transfer of the Butler Brothers to the Florence Detention Center. J. Redmon writes:

WHY weren't the Brewer brothers admitted to the LCDC via the sallyport???? 2 felons charged with murder, interstate flight to avoid prosecution, grand theft auto, etc and they are brought in via the LOBBY?  Surely Sheriff Willis wouldn't sacrifice SECURITY for the sake of PUBLICITY......or would he?

Obviously, Willis thought he would garner publicity from the press, and he has--just not the kind he wanted. The press, family, and friends all seemed to know the approximate time the brothers would arrive at the facility and just where they would be taken when they arrived. This a few short weeks since the transport of Ronald Weems a few miles to be baptized caused a flurry of concern over his possible escape.

Sheriff Willis is not known for his thinking...and we can see why.


All Rogersville residents are reminded of the town council meeting tonight at 6:30. It should be an eye-opener.


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