Monday, December 31, 2012

2012's Hottest Ten Stories

10. Navistar puts new Barton truck plant on hold. The company remains in the process of selling off unwanted plants, properties, and subsidiaries. The Colbert County facility's fate is still unknown.

9. Jim Fisher resigns as Florence School Board member. Jim felt he had misspoken publicly; we didn't. Florence loses.

8. Sweetwater Mansion shuts down renovations. The owner of the Weeden Home finally had enough of the board's hijinks and pulled the plug on them.

7. Mitchell Blake Terry is identified as the North Florence Bedroom Intruder. His trial is scheduled for 2013.

6. UNA parking deck is the scene of at least two sex crimes. The university has promised to update security. Rapist is still as large while the alleged exhibitionist was arrested.

5. Brian Keith McGuire wins a reprieve on his teaching license revocation. The former Lexington barber is still undergoing state ordered rehabilitation.

4. Ashley Fawn Greenhill is indicted. Months after she identified the whereabouts of Amanda Taylor's remains, the Brooks graduate and former North Florence resident was arrested for her part in the crime. Trial will be in 2013.

3. Andrew Daniel Scott is arrested four times for various crimes of theft. The Killen resident and his father still have 946 supporters on their Causes page. Do 946 individuals really think Hottie Scottie is a fit father?

2. Elbert Davis is murdered in Tuscumbia. No one has ever been arrested for the crime, but a juvenile once thought to be involved remains in custody.

1. Kids murder kids. In March, Autumn Wood, 15, admitted to stabbing 13 year-old Brooklyn Hollins to death at an unsupervised party. In June, 13 year-old Dakota Holt admitted he shot and killed Dylan Milam, also 13, after an argument at Holt's home. In October, an unnamed youth shot and killed 15 year-old Jesse Carl Rainey at an unsupervised house party. Wood and Holt face trials in 2013, and the Rainey killing should be presented to a grand jury in January.


Everyone please be safe and responsible tonight. We'll see you in 2013!



  1. I wonder why scott ranks higher than greenhill, mcguire, or sex crimes? didn't he exhaust the court system some time ago? his webpage probably doesn't have any new followers? he shouldn't even be in a top ten, imho.

    1. We ranked him higher since he (or perhaps more correctly his father) continues to fight for the child. Yes, all legal avenues have been shut down. We also took into consideration the level of support he had from those of substantial education and social prominence. Yes, many were "just kids," but we were still surprised at many of his original backers. Perhaps most of them had heard only the father's side?

      Keith McGuire? If strictly up to us and personal feelings, we would have named that the number one story--very surprising to us. We tried to enumerate them in importance to the community.