Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Greg Scoggins: He'll Pay "Deerly"

Officer Greg Scoggins
Greg Scoggins is a Deshler High graduate, a resident of Muscle Shoals, and a member of the town's police department--at least he was. Now Scoggins is on administrative leave pending an investigation by the Alabama Department of Conservation.

Scoggins is accused of shooting and killing a deer on property belonging to the Federal government--specifically the TVA Reservation--while on duty. We're not sure just how many laws Scoggins violated, but we have to ask why he would have violated even one.

Does Scoggins just hate deer? Is he like Roger Pitts who doesn't care what he kills just for the thrills and accolades from a certain segment of our society? Did he risk killing the deer for food?

As odd as it may sound, the answer may be number three. Scoggins' house burned last July, and sources with the police department say the patrol officer's family members lost most of their possessions. At least two organizations reportedly took up donations for the Scogginses at that time.

Obviously that fact won't matter to the Department of Conservation when it comes time to charge Scoggins. We hope it will matter to the City of Muscle Shoals when the powers that be decide how to handle Officer Scoggins employment; desperate people will often do much to support their families.

However, that may be a moot point. Another source tells us Greg Scoggins could be charged with a felony. If that should happen, and he's convicted, Scoggins will no longer meet the requirements for a police officer.

Look around and see who's hurting this holiday season. You never know just how much someone might need your help.



  1. maybe the guy was hungry, I don't see this as that big of a deal, plenty of deer around

    1. He must have seen it as a way to put some meat on the table. I don't condone what he did, but I hope he doesn't loose his job.

  2. I wonder if he shot it with the pistol he carries or a hunting rifle? Not that it really matters.

    1. It's nitpicky, but if he used his service revolver, he used ammo paid for by taxpayers. Also, if he had his own hunting rifle in his squad car, that could be another liability for the city.

  3. This was posted elsewhere on the Net: "Anonymous said...

    I refuse to even answer any of the stupid drivel that is posted on Shoalanda Speaks and know this is totally off topic but thought I would send ***** a heads up to check out the latest garbage filled slant from the idiot. NOW there is a post supporting the MSC cop who killed a deer on the TVA reservation claiming he killed it for FOOD! Ever hear of a food pantry? The "personalities" who write the blog Shoalanda are really whack jobs (of course most of the Shoals know that) BTW MERRY DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS!

    December 26, 2012 7:57 PM"

    We will offer in response that if Officer Greg Scoggins killed the deer for "fun" ala Roger Pitts, he should be fired and have the book thrown at him. We just simply doubt that this was the case without evidence to prove otherwise.

  4. I don't believe the law takes into account the circumstances. The law is the law. A police officer knows this. If he was hungry, I am sorry, but he was poaching on federal property.

  5. The truth to the matter is that this is not allowed by the common citizen. How could he put himself above the law so many of us have to abide by? On top of it all is that it was done on a federal owned reservation! It would have been bad enough had he done it during his off time somewhere other than the TVA reservation, but this incident has crossed way too many lines to be accepted as a person wanting to feed his family.
    I am curious what the investigation is going to uncover? Has this been going on before? Has there been other law enforcement agents doing this? Did he do it for the trophy only? For some reason I feel the latter has more bearing as to why he shot the deer on TVA property than any of the other possible reasons!

  6. To our friends bluetick and unclegus, we've just posted a special report on some new findings. Apparently this shooting was "just for fun." How sad.

    And so much for benefit of doubt.