Friday, December 28, 2012

Elizabeth E. Romine/Get Yo' Money Back?

Several media have made note of the passing of Elizabeth Ernestine Romine, once a prominent critic of the Florence City Council. Here are links to two very revealing, yet very different, tributes to Miss Romine:


Which One Isn't a Cold-Blooded Killer?

A reader writes: Since Greg Scoggins has a high powered deer rifle in his squad car he must not be hurting too much for money. Maybe those who gave when his house burned could get their money back? Seriously you gotta wonder if it's first a half tame deer then the stray skateboarder or two. I wouldn't wanna be a jaywalker in Muscle Shoals with him around. I know Scoggins is entitled to a hearing, but if he keeps his job he bears watching.

Interesting thought, but we understand the 47 year-old Scoggins and his wife Billie have at least one child. The fire obviously affected them also. Let's hope most of the money went to things they needed. As for his future at the Muscle Shoals Police Department? Some people deserve second chances and some don't. No matter which way you feel, if you live in Muscle Shoals you're entitled to make your voice heard by the mayor and city council.


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  1. The TimesFaily has reported he has been fired. I doubt the deer was worth that.