Thursday, December 27, 2012

Special Report: Greg Scoggins Planned Shoot?

Yesterday we blogged on Muscle Shoals Police officer Greg Scoggins, currently on administrative leave pending an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the shooting of a deer on Federal property. At approximately noon today we received solid information that Scoggins had planned to shoot the deer. This act is alleged to have been one of "sport."

We previously went with information provided us by a member of the Muscle Shoals Police force. We're sure our informant at the police department is a friend of Scoggins, and while meaning well, saw only his side.

Officer Scoggins, excuse me, former Officer Scoggins, did the deer have a high-powered rifle pointing back at you? No? We didn't think so. There was no sport involved. No need for food was involved.

In situations like this, it's hard enough to give the miscreant the benefit of the doubt in the first place. We can understand hunger and poverty. We cannot understand the mentality of shooting a beautiful creature for "fun," especially while on the taxpayers' dime.

Look for an in depth story on Pen-N-Sword.

The Staff of Shoalanda Speaks

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