Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Who Is Angel Gieske?

Angel Gieske
Angel Gieske is a resident of Rascalltown, Tennessee, a small community just across the state line from Lexington. Don't let her small town roots fool you, Angel is a woman of ambition. In 2002, Angel Gieske founded Turning Leaf Counseling and Education, at one time located on Locust Street in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. Online listings indicate the company has one employee and an annual income of 91K. Tax filings list the annual income as around 145K.

Gieske's business is defined as: Religion-Related, Spiritual Development. It's not affiliated with any specific religious organization, but many work under such an umbrella. Several other sites state that Gieske and Turning Leaf accepts donations:

Turning Leaf Counseling And Educating Services Inc is a Intermediate Corporation. For Tax purposes Contributions are deductible. The organization is a Organization that normally receives no more than one third of its support from gross investment income and unrelated business income and at the same time more than one third of its), support from contributions, fees, and gross receipts related to exempt purposes. 509(a)(2) They currently have assets between $1 to $9,999 and income between $100,000 to $499,999 .

Angel's Facebook page lists her as Executive Director at Turning Leaf, with this description:

assessing functional versus dysfunctional aspects in various life areas; making treatment recommendations; facilitating treatment; providing supervision and directives to social service providers

Angel is also active in the world of Change.org petitions, having signed three--one concerning crack cocaine and two in reference to honoring a WWE wrestler. Yes, you read that right, folks, a wrestler. 

Want to know something of Angel's educational background...exactly what her credentials are? Well, we would also, but it seems Angel isn't listed on LinkedIn or Zoom Info. Besides Angel's lack of expertise in capitalization and punctuation, she seems to be lacking in certain degrees...at least she was in 2005.

From Tennessee Board of Psychological Examiners, April 2005:

Upon review of the agreed order for Angel Gieske for engaging in activities for remuneration involving or relating to psychological services, counseling services or social work without a license, Dr. Davis made a motion, seconded by Dr. Gilleylen, to accept the agreed order which fines Ms. Gieske $9,050 plus costs.

Why are we interested in Angel? It seems she is working in Lauderdale and other Northwest Alabama counties as a "Certified Behavior Specialist and Analyst," and divorcing couples are being required to utilize Angel's services. Just what is a CBSA?

We checked several organizations that certify behavior analysts, and found Angel registered with none. That doesn't mean she didn't receive a certification in this field from a university, but we are at a loss as to why Angel doesn't list her educational achievements online, especially after having legal charges brought against her previously. It's a mixed up, shook up world, and so's our court system.

To be continued at a later date.


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