Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Guns for Resource Officers/How the World Sees Us

Rusty Glover is an educator and a state senator from Semmes, Alabama. He will again next year introduce a bill into the senate that, if passed, will allow Mobile County school resource officers to carry a firearm. Glover feels the time is right for this bill to be passed. The Alabama Department of Education is expected to oppose the bill, threatening to suspend funding to any school system that arms their officers.

As much as we deplore the necessity for guns, Sen. Glover may be right about the advantages in this particular case. We have to ask why his bill can't be extended to all 67 counties? If the people issue a mandate, can the DOE legally oppose it?


Want to know what others in the U.S. and across the world are saying about Bradley Patterson, UNA, the South, and the U.S. in general? asked.

* It's not even 'Bama or Auburn! - Out West

* He "aint" too smart at all. I guess that's why he's going to skool at NA. 3rd string -whatever. What kind of "students" are you people accepting there. The south lost remember? - Colorado Springs

* Tweeted like true-blue rednecks. They needed to finish up the game so they could get back to dueling banjos and marrying their sisters! - London

* Of course he's an ***hole. He's from Alabama and he's wearing a New York Stankee's hat. - Unknown

* Oh he's from Alabama , makes sense. - Los Angeles

* Isn't this normal in North Alabama? - Gary, IN

* Business as usual in Alabama. - Philadelphia, PA

* 3rd string from a NOTHING team. Why is he even newsworthy? He'll end up bagging groceries in the Piggly Wiggly. - Holmdel, NJ


The latest Franklin County indictments are out, and we see our old pal J.J. Common has again been arrested. When last we visited J.J., he was looking at 25 years for drug trafficking. Common refused to accept the plea bargain, and so far his case hasn't come to trial.

Trials are routinely delayed, but there are reports of evidence in J.J.'s case disappearing from an evidence locker. (J.J. was indicted in 2008 for Bribing a Public Servant). Whether true or not, he remains incarcerated until his next court date.

Don't you wish law abiding citizens could have this much resilience?


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