Saturday, December 8, 2012

Robert Tuten: Not Exactly Mediocre

Yes, there are definitely superstar attorneys in Alabama who take on court appointed cases. One of them is Robert Tuten of Huntsville.

Robert B. Tuten welcomes challenges as an opportunity to grow. Since 1988, clients throughout Northern Alabama have turned to Robert when they need a strong and seasoned attorney to provide strategic counsel and assertive representation. He is also well known among his peers for his professionalism and ethics, and he is BV® Distinguished Peer Review Rated by Martindale-Hubbell®.

Primarily a litigator, Robert applies his 24 years of experience to a variety of criminal defense cases, such as white collar and federal cases. Due to his innovative and strategic trial strategies, last year he represented a client during the largest capital murder case in Alabama. His wealth of trial experience gives him in-depth understanding of the defense tactics judges and jury pools respond to favorably, increasing your chances of reducing, dismissing or dropping your charges.

Robert is a dedicated criminal defense attorney and his accomplishments include a lifetime membership in the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and a prior role as area vice president for the State Association of Defense Lawyers. 

And what of other attorneys? Obviously not all are as enamoured of their job or assignments as Mr. Tuten. Yet we cannot believe any of them like to lose. In fact we're pretty sure not one of them wants to hear, "Oh, yeah, Joe Bleaux, he's the one who's taken on 50 court appointed cases and lost 49. He only won the one because the prosecuting attorney came to court drunk."


As mentioned earlier in the week, we have several new readers. We've been asked who are "we?"  Besides Shoalanda, we have D.K., Bailey Quarters, and our food critics TBR and J. Redmon. Mr. Redmon also contributes frequently to our regular blogs, especially concerning local law enforcement.

Do we always agree? No, but we usually do. Also, unless presented with some extraordinary circumstances, we're always happy to publish guest commentaries from any readers.

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