Monday, December 10, 2012

Is John Odem the Next Florence Municipal Judge?

Who will replace James Hall as the Florence Municipal Judge? We've heard John Odem is the city council's choice, and we couldn't agree more.

John is intelligent, personable, caring, and above all honest. We just wish there were more like him in local government.

And yes, that was John driving his band's famous Cadillac transporting our "uber hip" council members in the Florence Christmas parade. That makes it a real no-brainer. The council gets a new judge and a chauffeur.


From our friend Debra Glass:

I am not normally one to participate in or even know much about local political matters, but today I'm attending a Lauderdale County Commission meeting that will decide the fate of Ghost Bridge. The bridge is central to the folklore history of this area. The spot where the bridge crosses Cypress Creek was the site of one of the bloodiest Civil War skirmishes of the war. Though most of the ghost stories associated with the bridge are not based on fact, the site is much cherished by Shoals natives. I hope the area is protected and restored. And I hope to see you at the meeting.

We've received several e-mails on the fate of Ghost Bridge. Many in our area feel strongly about saving and restoring this landmark. If you can, join Debra in making your voices heard: Petition


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  1. The petition is closed and the names were presented to the Commission.

    I attended the meeting to educate the Commission on the historical significance of the area which is detailed in A Walk Through the Past by Florence City Historian, William L. McDonald.

    For updates about the progress of the committee to save the bridge, please "like" the Ghost Bridge Facebook page, started by Evan Tidwell. I learned yesterday that the committee proposes to create a park that will include a canoe ramp, that will make the area accessible and available for all to enjoy.