Thursday, April 5, 2012

J.J. Common Among 126 Arrested in "Spring Clean"

Yesterday we reported as many as 300 were on tap to be arrested in "Operation Spring Clean." As of Tuesday morning, 126 had been officially identified, and warrants were still being requested and served. The Franklin County Times online has now listed the 126 who were first to be arrested, and one name caught our attention:

John James Common, 28, 503 South Carrol St., Russellville, two counts of unlawful distribution of a controlled substance (within 3 miles of a school and/or housing project)

From our December 20, 2011, blog:

John James Common, aka J.J., is a familiar figure around Russellville. It's hard to miss his small truck with the bullet holes in the passenger door. Common, 28, has several convictions involving drugs and is no stranger to prison. Our sources in the Russellville Police Department say he has his own entrance with a revolving door.

On parole for his drug offenses, Common was wearing an ankle monitor yesterday when he broke into the home where his ex-girlfriend was staying and attempted to kidnap the 21 year-old. This is the same girlfriend he once hit in the belly while she was pregnant. We're pretty sure they've kept his bed warm at the Limestone Correctional Facility. We're also pretty sure he qualifies as a habitual offender. 

"28 year old John James Common is facing Burglary, Theft, Attempted Kidnapping, Assault and Domestic Violence charges after the incident." Let's hope J.J. stays away for a long time...

From a December 31, 2011 comment:

JJ has been in and out of trouble all of his life, well every since I knew him (which was when he and I were 14). Right after I first met him he beat up a younger kid really bad and went to detention (1998),after that he got into trouble for raping a mentally challenged girl,he plead guilty but was a juvenile at the time)1999). The he went to jail for drugs got out on house arrest got pulled over with drugs in the car took off running and was that time he had a gun and crack-cocaine in the vehicle he abandoned. He was sent to prison((2003-2005 not sure the exact date) Then he got out again and starting back selling drugs. He was involved in a wreck that killed a woman and broke his hip. He was arrested shortly there after for you guessed it drugs. While in Franklin County jail he got a charge for prison contraband,and bribing an officer. They sent him to prison(2007) Oh and did I mention he was again on house arrest when he got arrested this time...broken hip and all. He got out 2010 and been arrested probably about 3-4 times since. One time was in Lauderdale county for shooting at someone. He was on FEDERAL house arrest monitor during this last little stint he pulled. Oh and let's not forget about him running onto the Russellville football field to shoot a player he had a problem with back a few years ago.

Apparently J.J. didn't stay away for any appreciable time. Yes, prisons are crowded, but do we need John James Common back on the streets of Russellville in another three months? We're sure District Attorney Joey Rushing will have his hands full due to this drug sting; nevertheless we hope he pays special attention to J.J. Revolving door doesn't even begin to describe Common's recidivism adequately.

Ah, so much crime. Let's add a little romance to the story. An employee of the Franklin County Jail tells us Common will be taking a court ordered paternity test during his stay...



  1. yeah for Sandy Hawkins....OMG really. This is her what like 5th kid by 5 different people, yet all the kids are related bc all the daddies are family. It's a damn shame too. What kind of life will that child have with role models such as JJ and Sandy? Lord, I feel for the future of Russellville.

  2. Hott, we agree about the personal consequences facing these children. We also have to point out that it will the taxpayers who will provide the majority of financial support.

    While we can't predict with certainty anyone's fate, we can infer that J.J. will not be around to assist this child or any of the others that the DHR lists as his. It's hard enough financially to support our own children without having to support those who have two healthy parents.

  3. Who ever u people. R need. To mind ur.businesses. u ain't helping