Monday, April 9, 2012

Dating in Florence: Fuggetaboutit?

The Florence metropolitan area has been listed as number nine in the ten worst places for singles to live in the U.S. Is this surprising?

Over the years, we've seen many young people either remain in or return to the Shoals due to family crises. These Shoals natives, assuming they wish to date, can usually only find singles in what is commonly called the working class. So, you either marry down or you don't marry at all. If you don't marry, you don't reproduce (usually). The genes of these Shoals citizens with above average intelligence aren't passed on. Think about doesn't take a border collie.


Kimberly Bynum update:

Because of a murder trial in Franklin County, another big case headed to trial had to be delayed.
Jury selection was supposed to begin for Kimberly Bynum Monday.
She's a Franklin County teacher accused of having an affair with a 17-year-old.
Bynum was arrested last summer. Her trial is set to begin June 11th.


We doubt that Kimberly Bynum is eager for her trial to begin; however, until her legal problems are adjudicated, she has only slim hopes of getting on with her life and obtaining a decent job. We've asked several individuals how Ms. Bynum is supporting herself, but so far we've not received any definitive answers. 

Franklin County juries usually render much harsher verdicts than those in Colbert or Lauderdale. After the verdict and sentencing of Amanda Duboise Watkins, we infer Kimberly Bynum's prospects don't look good.


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