Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Colbert Countian on Shoals Ambulance

Shoals' Fleet of Mercedes Ambulances

Should the City of Muscle Shoals be allowed to select which ambulance service acts as first responder within their boundaries, of should the county 911 Board have the final say? The ultimate decision on that question has been postponed until the board hears from the Attorney General's office in Montgomery. Here's a Colbert Countian's take on the current quandary:

The city of Muscle Shoals has the right to use who they want inside the city limits. The owner of the new service is a very nice man from Booneville, Mississippi. He also ran the 2nd largest ambulance service in the nation (Rural/Metro) so he knows what he is doing. If you read the article in the paper you will notice Keller talked about money, money, money. Coming from an old school medic I'm going to tell you it bothers me to see that all Keller is worried about is money. Keller's employees are famous for treating patients and the first responders like garbage. 

Fact: One of Keller's EMTs shoved Spring Valley's elderly fire chief at a wreck. There were witnesses to this and a complaint was filed with with the DA's office. 

Fact: When Keller has come out to calls and refused to replace the volunteer fire department's equipment even though Keller is billing for the call. Competition is good. I believe that Shoals Hospital's new service will make Keller better. The bottom line--Muscle Shoals wants what is best for its citizens and Keller is not what is best.


The Connection has published the second part in its series on the Muscle Shoals ambulance situation. Every Colbert (and Lauderdale) citizen should be concerned with the current responder plans.


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