Monday, April 2, 2012

Hershel Graham/ Kimberly Bynum Court Updates

Franklin County Courthouse

Hershel Graham waived his right to an arraignment last Friday and pleaded not guilty to the murder of David Martin Andrasik. His trial is scheduled for later this summer. It seems unlikely that Franklin County will pursue related charges against Graham's son Elijah, who has publicly announced he will be leaving Franklin County as soon as he is able to do so.

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A March 21st pre-trial for Kimberly Bynum has been continued. Her Franklin County trial is still presumed to be scheduled for this summer. After the verdict in the Amanda Duboise Watkins case, we may assume Bynum's attorney is being exceedingly vigilant in preparing for her case related to admitted sexual misconduct.

We are still receiving reports that Bynum has married, but have been unable to verify this. If anyone can provide us with documentation, please do so. This could greatly impact her trial.

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Not since Mike Royco and Lewis Grizzard has there been a national columnist more adept at humor than Reg Henry. Recently Henry has come under fire locally for...well, for being humorous. We suspect his detractors are closet Puritans who beat their rugs, add lead to their gasoline, and support the current management of Sweetwater Mansion. If you're not familiar with Henry, here's his bio. He appears every Sunday in the TimesDaily--one of the few things they actually get right.



  1. I just got the same comment for the 2nd time on my blog that I wasn't funny and that I could fix whatever I was whinning about if I wasn't so busy calling attention to myself. Mary

  2. Mary has one of the most interesting blogs around...even when she doesn't mention her "hooligans." It seems she is one of many who actually do something. Besides her wonderful gardening, Mary is involved in animal rescue, photography, and historic preservation. Apparently, Mary, when you actually do something, you have detractors. I think most intelligent people know what an asset you are to Tuscumbia and the Shoals area in general.