Monday, April 23, 2012

Reedtown Rapist is Free Again!

Mark Anthony Hurley on 2/1/2012 Release

If you're not familiar with Mark Anthony Hurley, aka the Reedtown Rapist, here's a brief rundown of his crimes/convictions:

4/2000 - First Degree Rape - Unknown Conviction
4/2002 - First Degree Rape - Convicted First Degree Sexual Torture (Free by 7/2003)
9/2003 - First Degree Rape - Convicted  (Conviction Overturned)
9/2009 - First Degree Rape (Pleaded to Second Degree Assault) - Convicted
2/2010 - Possession of Controlled Substance-Non Marijuana - Convicted

Hurley's last charge of drug possession occurred while he was on bond for the September 2009 rape; he remained in jail until his March 2011 plea agreement. Hurley received a split sentence requiring him to serve three years in prison and was given credit for time served. In other words, Mark Anthony Hurley was scheduled to be released sometime in February 2013.

For whatever reason, Hurley was released on February 1, 2012, and returned to Russellville. He presumably still has five to six years of probation to serve. Any crimes Hurley may commit now would qualify him for not only probation revocation, but a life sentence as a habitual offender. We wish Franklin County law enforcement the best...


From D.K.: The (bond revocation) hearing for David Darryl Thompson will be April 25th @ 8:30 on 4th floor in Judge Self's court room.


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