Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bad Boys: Domestic Violence Redux-Risner & Bryant

Kenneth Eugene Risner has been charged with making terrorist threats earlier this week. The former Florence man, now residing in Tuscumbia, threatened to take his life in Spring Park on Monday.

In October of last year, the then 46 year-old Risner was arrested in Lauderdale County for Domestic Violence and Second Degree Stalking of his Russellville girlfriend. Apparently Risner didn't take a judge's restraining order too seriously. In December he was arrested in Franklin County on charges of Aggravated Stalking of the same woman.

We have to wonder if, as Risner's trial(s) drew nearer, he didn't see an attempted suicide as grounds for an easy mental defect plea. No matter the reality of Kenneth Risner's mental problems, he presented some very real problems for the Tuscumbia Police Department...along with several families and small children visiting the park. Surely he will receive some jail time for this.


We're sure most Walmart shoppers are careful in the parking lot. Apparently a Tuscumbia man is now giving patrons pause inside the store. Joey Lance Brewer was arrested earlier this week for robbing a shopper in the Muscle Shoals store.

The 27 year-old Brewer is pictured at left after a January arrest for Third Degree Assault and Domestic Violence. The hoodie is a nice touch...


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