Thursday, April 26, 2012

David Thompson Gets 90 Days/Shoals Ambulance

From D.K.: This morning (David Darryl) Thompson agreed to 90 days jail time for attempting to run from a traffic stop almost a year ago in the city of Florence. The domestic violence charge by "victim" Thompson's girl friend--she retracted her story, claiming she was not truthful and only wanted Thompson arrested and into trouble.

Because the first step of the Court of Appeals in the death of Mellisa Garrett has ruled the conviction stands, now 3 months into the next and last step of the Court of Appeals expected on average returned in 3 more months, total of 6 months, so at the end or before his 3 months time (in jail), D.A. and family hoping he will not be out. The D.A. talked to the family and they were okay with him serving the 3 months, and by that time thinking the final ruling will be back from Montgomery.


From a reader on the new Shoals Ambulance Service:
If RegionalCare has their CEO on the board of directors of Rural/Metro
an ambulance service company, why would RegionalCare have Bryan Gibson a former high ranking executive at Rural/Metro come to start a new company that competes in the same business as Rural/Metro while RegionalCare CEO Martin Rash sits on the board of directors at Rural/Metro?  It would be self dealing by Rash but Warburg Pincus must have sanctioned it because they own Rural/Metro and RegionalCare.  Must be because Rural/Metro is under several investigations and they must not want to try and start any new ventures with this hanging over them for fear that government officials may be turned off by the investigations. I only hope this company and 130 billing jobs are not brought here only to continue the same unscrupulous business practices under this high ranking executive that he seems to have been a part of at Rural/Metro.  I prefer that my health care money stay local and contribute to affordable local health care not send to some fat cats in New York City.


The latest report on Shoals sex offenders from The Connection:


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