Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jason Brian Jackson Faces Parole Board Tomorrow

Jason Brian Jackson is scheduled to come before the Alabama Parole Board tomorrow, 19 years into a 25 year sentence for Felony Murder. The Lauderdale County District Attorney's office is opposing Jackson's parole, but if he should make it, he will then be required to serve a 10 year sentence for escape. If paroled in that case, he could be free in less than two years. There's been a great deal of interest generated in the case that took over two months to solve.

Jackson initially claimed he was not the person who shot Danny Wayne Sharp seven times, but later accepted a plea deal. The Lauderdale County man was just 20 years old when he allegedly killed Sharp after his victim accused him of owing money on a previous drug deal. Authorities claim that Jackson shot Sharp seven times and robbed him of over 1K dollars and nine pounds of drugs. Considering the theft charges, Jackson could have been charged with Capital Murder; he sought youthful offender status which he was denied.

Several have taken to Facebook to ask why Jackson is even offered parole. Now is not the time to protest his sentence. The time to protest was when he was offered the pleas. We may assume Danny Sharp's wife was reasonably content with the plea and did not oppose it. Any time a murder case goes to a jury, there is a risk--look at David Darryl Thompson. At least Jackson has served almost 20 years for Sharp's murder.

Note: Jackson accused his girlfriend of killing Sharp. His girlfriend/common law wife was killed in an auto accident one month before Jackson's trial was to have begun.


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