Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Banning? Yes/Did She Matter? Yes

Since we reinstated comments on this blog, we have made an effort to publish all of them. If the comments have contained profane or vulgar language or what could be libelous accusations, we have deleted them. We have so far not banned anyone.

There is a first time for everything. Some individuals have mental quirks. Some are just completely out of it. We've had some requests to ban "Toby Dammit," and we are going to do so as of today.

We know that Toby and his group are facing misdemeanor harassment charges--reason enough not to give him any more platforms than he already has. We sincerely hope there will not be a need for any more bannings.


We've been forwarded a blog concerning David Darryl Thompson--a blog that essentially defends his crime as manslaughter and denigrates his victim. The blog's author implies Melissa Garrett's fiance' shouldn't even be considered since he had no immediate plans to marry her until she went through rehab.

This wonderful judge of character continues that Mrs. Garrett didn't have a job. Well, that's certainly grounds for murder. Yes, Thompson's attorney made sure the jury knew the Killen nurse had not been living the life of a saint for the past several years. Thompson's lawyer even made sure the jury knew that Garrett's hobby was cockfighting. Does that make her murder any less heinous? The state's witnesses presented evidence that Melissa's shooting could in no way have happened as Thompson testified, a shooting that occurred while her young teenage daughter sat in the next room.

Thompson changed his story several times and ran after he was indicted. Oh, we also have some more news for the author of that misguided blog: If you sell cocaine one time, you're then a small time drug dealer. We also know that any law enforcement officer will tell you most drug dealers will admit to only a small percentage of their crimes. Thompson never denied acquiring cocaine to resell to Garrett.

Does any of this matter? Life goes on. We'll soon be facing the murder trial of Ronald Eugene Weems in which his attorney will present facts, or attempt to, that his victim was no saint. Again, does it matter if the person wasn't living the way we think they should? Who decides in the end?

Remember, the next victim to be painted with this white trash brush could be a member of your family. If you don't speak up for Melissa Garrett, no one may speak up for your family member.

Note: On an even weirder note, the author of the blog in question mentioned D.K., a member of our blogging group and one recently accused of not existing. Toby's thought patterns must be rubbing off...

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  1. Well, guess I'll get blamed for this just like all the other times someone got kicked off a public forum or blog.

    I have no doubt, he will return.

    1. We feel you're correct about the returning, but unfortunately "Toby" cannot maintain an image of sanity for any substantial length of time. Any of his alter-egos will also be given the door.

      No one should blame you; we've had umpteen requests to show him the way out. The more Toby's group posts, the more followers it loses.

    2. Hmmm, Toby's already been kicked off OB's Corner. Maybe we should warn The Brown Recluse?

  2. It is really sad that grownups want to act like 2 year olds during the terrible 2's. Larry kept making comments on mine that didn't even pertain to the subject matter. These are blogs, blogs are opinions. We aren't newspaper writers. However, we do seem to spell better :)

  3. I haven't found the blog you mentioned, but if I read you right, a member of the Thompson jury said he WASN'T a small time drug dealer. That's about the intelligence of most juries. I would just like to know why he got such an early parole. Had you posted his info for the parole board?

    1. Unfortunately, we had not. Assuming that Thompson is returned to prison, we will publish information on how to protest any future parole.