Sunday, April 22, 2012

Desmond Powers/Vote Tuesday

Desmond & Renisha Powers

The above photo was obviously taken during happier times for Desmond Deshawn Powers and his now ex-wife Renisha McDaniel Powers. Witnesses say Desmond arrived at Renisha's home last Wednesday and began arguing with her over pictures posted on her Facebook account. Desmond then shot his ex-wife in the hip before fleeing. He turned himself in at the Florence Police station some hours later. At last report, Renisha Powers was still hospitalized in Huntsville.

Apparently Desmond Powers has no previous arrests, or at least none serious enough to be publicized. What kind of sentence can he expect? If convicted, Alabama law stipulates a sentence of 10 years to life. It's also a Class A felony, meaning Powers would receive no Correctional Incentive Time and, unless paroled, would serve his sentence day for day. At the other end of the scale, Renisha could be willing for the District Attorney's office to offer her ex-husband probation, probably on the condition he agrees to stay away from her in future.

In other words, at least the next ten years of 24 year-old Desmond Powers' life may very well depend on how forgiving his ex-wife is. Hell may have no fury like a woman shot?


If you live in Alabama, you have the opportunity to vote in the run-off election next Tuesday. Not just an opportunity, but an obligation. If you care about your county and state's future, vote.

We have made no recommendation in the District 1 County Commission race in Lauderdale County, but wholeheartedly endorse Keith M. Collier Jr. for District 2. Good luck, Keith.


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