Friday, April 13, 2012

Why Thompson Was Free/Know Your Neighbors

From D.K.: David Darryl Thompson was never sent off, so no parole, he was out on an Appeal Bond. There will be some type of hearing soon, as I understand it. He is locked up until this hearing.

Yes, apparently, Thompson has never made it south. He's been free on an appeal bond of 75K since his February 2011 sentencing.VINELink is now showing the 50 year-old killer as incarcerated at the Lauderdale County Detention Center.

Thompson's latest victim? We've received conflicting information concerning his most recent domestic violence charge. One source has indicated Thompson's mother was the target of his rage. No matter the victim, we would hope no judge would allow Thompson any freedom at this point. We also hope a conviction in this latest case would be served consecutively. D.K. has promised to keep us updated.


The TimesDaily has reported at least two attempted sex crimes in the past few days. Neighbors intervened during the Lawrenceburg incident--an indication that watchful eyes do deter some crimes. Sex offender advocates never fail to mention that such convicted felons frequently have a low rate of reoffending. We believe neighbors in the know are a major factor in this.

Our friends at The Connection have begun a weekly column devoted to Shoals sex offenders. Each Monday the Internet magazine will publish a short biography of a local predator. Here's a link to their debut entry:


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