Saturday, April 7, 2012

Vandals, Visigoths, & Skunk Apes

Like the beautiful Christmas decorations on display each year in Wilson Park in downtown Florence? Each was handmade by employees of the Florence Electricity Department. The first year they were displayed, some were stolen. We don't recall if these magical figures were ever found or not, but the wonderful employees who designed and crafted the decorations on their own time again pitched in to replace them. We assume these arches, angels, and reindeer are all more firmly secured since their debut year.

Now vandals have upset the statue of William Christopher Handy and dragged it a quarter way across the park. Thankfully the statue received only minor damage. Yet our tax dollars paid for the workmen to replace the sculpture on its pedestal, and if more work is needed, out tax dollars will pay for that also. The story of vandalism to such a well-known attraction in Florence will make national news...and perhaps some reporters will even add racial overtones to the tale of brainless thugs who decided to "have some fun."

Last month a bust of Nathan Bedford Forrest was stolen from a cemetery in Selma, presumably to sell for its metal content. It's possible our vandals had a similar motive originally, but decided to retreat to a darker area of the park after spotting a police patrol. The town of Selma has issued a reward for the thieves of the Confederate general's likeness. Perhaps we in Florence should do the same in order to teach these neo-Visigoths a lesson. Or were they Ostrogoths? Maybe just skunk apes on the prowl for another victim?



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