Saturday, April 21, 2012

Elvis Adam Presley Loves His Mama...

...and his mama loves him...enough to get herself arrested...twice. Elvis Presley is a name familiar to Franklin County authorities for more than music. Elvis (middle name Adam) Presley, then age 23, was arrested in March 2008 for theft of a purse and cellphone in the Walmart parking lot. He received five years probation.

After violating the terms of his probation, Presley was remanded to the Franklin County Community Corrections program, from which he escaped in January 2010. His mama agreed to hide him under some clothes in her closet, but unfortunately for the Presley family, officers found the escapee and arrested mama and Presley's girlfriend in the process.

After his release, Presley once more made news in June 2011, this time sans his mama, when he robbed an acquaintance at knife point in downtown Russellville. He was charged with First Degree Theft in the crime that netted him $250.00. Later that year, Presley again faced charges when he was indicted for Third Degree Burglary and Second Degree Criminal Mischief in November. Presley again took it on the run and made Franklin County's most wanted list.

After capture, he was again granted probation, but managed an arrest for Public Intoxication and Probation Violation on March 5th. By now the Franklin County Jail must have seemed like a second home to Presley, who turned to mama for smuggling drugs into the facility. Sadly for both Presleys, the phone call was monitored, and 53 year-old Kathy Presley once more joined her son in jail. Ah, a mother's love. Let's hope they let him buy her a card for Mother's Day.


Has the Colbert County E-911 Board caused the Shoals to lose 130 new jobs? Stay tuned for the Muscle Shoals City Council meeting Monday night--no charge for the fireworks.


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