Saturday, April 14, 2012

Let's Not Talk About It Since...

1. It will just go away by itself.

2. People will think the wrong thing of our (family/area/business/whatever).

3. It's not our business in the first place.

4. It's already happened and we can't change it.

5. The victim was asking for it in the first place.

6. It doesn't do any good to be negative.

7.They were just trying to make a living like anyone else.

Have you heard these statements in the Shoals? We certainly have and even see them in black and white most days. We've recently seen two comments that epitomize these views--both on articles concerning the recent drug busts in Franklin County.

We haven't read the final count in Operation Spring Clean, but the last we heard almost 180 had been arrested for various crimes against society, with at least one drug crime each. Articles here and in The Quad-Cities Daily have received some interesting feedback. Here's two views from readers:

*  Who ever u people. R need. To mind ur.businesses. u ain't helping.

*  very VERY few of these people look like drug dealers. they look like mainly poor people from the projects. if the cops are going to do a drug sweep they should investigate instead of setting people up. if you wave a steak in front of a hungry dog the dog will eat it. same with money and people that are broke. the way the cops do is a shame. im sure a few of these people were selling but im sure 90% or more were just trying to help someone out and make a few bucks to be able to live. its a real shame!

No, not all out of work individuals turn to selling drugs. Those that do should realize the dangers and be prepared for the consequences.

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  1. The comment on this is for the birds. Only trying to help who? Police are wrong. Why? Because they did not get them all? Just rying to make a litle money to but boom'boom speakers and 100 dollar shoes. Ever notice when there are raids like this and kids are present; the kids look hungry?