Monday, April 16, 2012

Mike Goens Doesn't Like Covenant Marriage?

State senators who have recently proposed the "Covenant Marriage Bill" may have had more pressing issues before them, but at least this issue isn't being rammed down the throats of would-be-newlyweds in Alabama--it's purely optional, something Mike Goens of the TimesDaily failed to point out. Neither is this the first time the bill has been proposed; it wasn't passed then, and probably won't be passed now. Perhaps we should also point out that counseling of at least a limited nature is now required of any Alabama couple having minor children and wishing to divorce.

If the bill is passed? It's estimated that one percent of those marrying in Alabama will opt for Covenant Marriage. It's also highly likely that those who do are those who would never consider divorce in the first place. So is it a good law? If it saves one percent of the marriages that are part of the one percent who choose Covenant Marriage, yes.


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  1. The sad thing is that our legislators are wasting time and money on crap like this.

  2. I agree with Phillip, abortion, gay marriage, yada, yada yada,....Are they really what we need to be focusing on now? I think we should be focusing on jobs. Lets stop outsourcing jobs and secure our borders and send the employers hiring outlaw aliens to prison. Lets send illegals back to the counties they come from. Lets stop welfare and disability from being handed out so easily. That's just my humble opinion.