Saturday, February 11, 2012

Should We Be VOCAL?

Pictured above is Miriam Shehane, one of the founders of VOCAL (Victims of Crime and Leniency). The Shoals is lucky to have a VOCAL chapter and even more lucky to have Denny Kimbrell as its president.

Do we agree with everything VOCAL does? No, but we agree with most of it. DK will be writing some more for us on this organization and, we hope, the function of grand juries. We're sure he is the strongest supporter of VOCAL among us here at Shoalanda.

Should we be vocal, or should we just sweep all crime under the rug?  We recently blogged on a man convicted for the attempted murder of his wife, but some have replied that this man couldn't be guilty because he bought his wife so much. Of course, perfect sense... Nevertheless, we will supply his inmate information after his sentencing so that those who wish to protest may do so.

We've also been criticized for blogging on non-violent, embezzlement type crimes. All the crimes mentioned herein have been those committed in local or county government offices. In other words, the victims in these cases are the taxpayers. The public has a right to know if taxpayer money is misappropriated...or misused in other ways.

Last, we have teacher/coach crimes against students. Yes, the students participated in some of these crimes. They are still a crime. We cannot fathom why anyone would want these types of incidents covered up, but yet some do. No, they are never over and done with...the abuser will strike again. It's the responsibility of the caring public to make sure that doesn't happen.


Mo Brooks' Kickoff :

Lauderdale County
Time: 2:00pm-4:00pm (CST)
Location: Royal Avenue Recreation Center
(located behind Braly Stadium)
421 N. Royal Ave.
Florence AL 35630


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