Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fowler, Fulmer, or Beavers? It Boils Down to Baggage

Most of us wake up with a little baggage under our eyes. When we travel, baggage follows us to our destination. A new relationship? Baggage treks along after us there as well. Sometimes it's needed; sometimes, it's a liability.

Both Joe Frank Fowler, former Lauderdale County School Board member, and Rhea Tays Michael Fulmer, current District I Commissioner have plenty of baggage. Many considered Fowler less than efficient before he retired from the board, and many others came to shudder whenever Fulmer made one of her off the wall pronouncements concerning county employees at the commission's semi-monthly meetings.

Unfortunately, we often choose the lesser of several evils when endorsing a candidate, and that we do today with Dan Beavers Sr. Beavers has served the school board well and cannot serve the commission in any worse manner than Fulmer. We therefore endorse Dan Beavers Sr. for Lauderdale County Commission Democratic nominee for Place I.


We've had several readers in Lauderdale County contact us concerning unresolved car burglaries in the eastern end of the county. If you've been a victim, send us any facts in your case, and we'll run the story during our next "Bad Boys" segment.



  1. I know of at least three guys who should be put away for a long time. One was that Luke White who held up the BP in Rogersville, so I'm hoping he's gone for a long time now. The other two are out on bail I think, but not for long. That should put a dent in these burglaries.

  2. BTW, Beavers really does a great job on the school board. Not a dingbat bone in his body.

  3. I hadn't heard about the burglaries, but I've known Dan for 40 years and he is a good guy and a good businessman.

  4. Today police don't care about car thieves. They have to kill someone before they'll do anything about these punks whose parents encourage them to support their drug habits this way.