Thursday, February 23, 2012

Two Tommies Get Bad News

from tommy....thank you all for coming today to support me...i really dont have words right now except that i will not just sit down. i will fight to be with my family and friends. They said I was Gonna do LIFE inside the wall ...I say I am gonna have a life and i will be free!!! we only just begun to fight!!!

The above words were posted on the Facebook page of Jon Thomas Wallis this afternoon after his sentencing. Tommy Wallis, aka the Inkslinger, received a life sentence in Judge Jones' courtroom this afternoon. We may assume that Wallis (pictured on his 31st birthday) intends to appeal his sentence. Only capital sentences provide a free appeal, so Wallis' quest will be expensive, as well as lengthy.

Wallis had previously been arrested for stalking and convicted of drug trafficking. We'll be having more on Wallis in upcoming days.


Wallis wasn't the only Tommy to get bad news today. Tommy Arthur has been scheduled to die by lethal injection on March 29th. We're not holding our breath...


With the abundance of violent crime in the area, many forget that we are primarily a political blog. We'll soon be adding a new team member--an expert in Alabama politics as played out in our capital. Keep reading...


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