Saturday, February 18, 2012

Old Glory at Florence High School/Publicity?

A regular reader has asked us to comment on the condition of the U.S. flag at Florence High School. It seems the flag has seen better days and needs to be replaced. We frequently see such flags over the entire Shoals area. Does your business or home fly a tattered symbol of our country?


A few weeks ago, a representative of Sweetwater Mansion began a blog in which she made various claims about local citizens, all individuals who had criticized the current condition of that estate. At least four local people, none of whom is connected with this blog at this time, have been accused of various crimes from child abuse to pornography.

Such false accusations are usually better left unanswered, but since this seems to be an ongoing attack, we wished to set the record straight. Of the three accused of working here, none of them does at this time. We would be happy if any or all of them wished to write for us as a regular member of our blogging team or as a guest contributor.

The fourth person has been accused of child neglect and abuse. He has also been accused of stalking the director of Sweetwater. According to an attorney one of the four consulted, this gentleman has grounds for a civil lawsuit. It's possible the other three do also.

If any readers have any questions about Sweetwater's history, its current owner, or its current problems, we suggest they refer to this blog:



  1. A ratty and torn flag grates on me more than crepe myrtle murder or castration and tree topping and forsythia pom poms combined.

  2. I know little of the ongoing feud between people here & those associated with Sweetwater. I do know that it has been going on for a while on facebook. As far as I can tell I know none of the parties personally. I say 'as far as I know' because both side hide behind pen names so I have no idea the identities of the involved parties. I just want to say that I find it hilarious that the writers here seem appalled that another party is dragging someone else's name through the mud. There are many posts here that do exactly that. They are careful to throw in slimy phrases like 'it has been said' or 'it is believed by some' or 'some might say' as to distance themselves from what is being said. That may clear one legally but not morally. It's easy to say 'we didn't say so-and-so did X. We merely stated that some believe it to be true.' I believe this to be very dishonest. I believe that if you want to call someone's character into question that you should have the gumption to state your name & state your claim. That being said, I still read your blog & find it entertaining.

  3. Thank for reading, Heath. You're always welcome to write for us, as well.

    We believe all our subjects are public figures: those recently arrested or convicted, those who have given public news conferences, those who are elected officials, those who have been investigated by other news outlets, etc. The incident that set off this latest salvo involved a blog (not one of ours) concerning a convicted rapist working at Sweetwater. We stand behind this blogger's opinion on the matter. It's sad that his name had been unfairly dragged through the mud because he brought this to the public's attention.

  4. Thanks for allowing me to say my piece. I appreciate that.
    As for the original topic, some people just love drama.

  5. Would anybody in their right mind believe anything those werewolf watchers at Sweetwater said about anything? I'm thinking the city should look into eminent domain and take it over. Just one bad inspection report should give them grounds. Just an idea.

  6. I haven't seen the flag in question. Maybe a blog on proper flag etiquette is needed?
    Thanks for the support Shoalanda. The blog on the convicted rapist did indeed spark all of this from DJ Bowers. I had posted a picture of the guy at an art class taught at Sweetwater and listed him as a convicted rapist. Which he is. I wouldn't want my child anywhere close to him. Some parents took offense because I posted the picture. Yet, the same picture is posted on the artists website. They ( a parent) also took offense because I blogged it. Apparently this parent doesn't care who their child is around. But like I said, if I knew my child was around a rapist, I wouldn't allow it to go on. The parent in question I have known since she was a child herself. She had a good upbringing.
    I blogged about that because I was genuinely concerned for the welfare of the children and got flack for it. I cannot begin to grasp the thinking of some people. For anyone who reads this, ask yourself, would you want your child to be around a rapist? A guy who spent 20 yrs in prison for violating a woman?

  7. I agree with South Bound. Apparently, all this ruckus is because the art director of sweetwater, Phyllis White Gooch, has married a registered sex offender who raped a woman at knifepoint. Phyllis should know that if you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

  8. Interesting thought. Is the mansion insured? Can it be insured, as for liability, if a rapist teaches/works there? Wouldn't the insurance company require background checks?