Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Evelyn A. Servin & Presente

This is Evelyn A. Servin, a resident of either Russellville or Albertville, depending upon which news source you consult. Evelyn and her husband Jorge are activists--activists who throw around the word "racist" quite frequently. Perhaps the Servins feel if they use the word often enough many will come to believe it.

The song says "words are all I have," and certainly semantics can be either a champion of your cause or a cruel mistress. After all, according to many news outlets, there are no more illegal aliens, only undocumented ones.

Evelyn recently attended a protest at the state capitol in Montgomery. She and her followers are seeking nothing less than the repeal of HB56. We doubt that Servin and her cohorts accomplished much besides wasting time and gasoline.

Servin works for an organization called Presente, a champion of causes in U.S. Latino communities. This is certainly admirable up to a point. Which admirable causes are featured on their website today? Bringing more Latino categories to the Grammys. At least Presente is diversified.

Photo courtesy of the New York Times


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  1. What was the Civil War about? What was segregation about? What were Jim Crow laws about? What is wrong with same sex marrage? During the period of time these were/are issues, most people always argued that it was/is not about race or bigotry. But that's just what the majority want you to think. If you look deep in your heart this is about not wanting to be around or give rights to people that are different, weaker, etc. It's about the majority trying to protect what they have. You can call it what you want. But it is racism.

    1. I'm sure you've heard the story of the starfish. The person working to save those beached couldn't save them all...but they could save some. If we had the funds in Alabama to save them all, that would be different. I, as do most thinking individuals, choose to save those who will give back to the economy/culture. Can we be sure who will? No, but we can make an educated guess.

      I don't know if you have lived in Alabama (I'm assuming you're from Tennessee), but schools are in dire straits here. The obstetric wing in the Russellville hospital closed because it could no longer support the uninsured illegal aliens.

      Do you feed all the stray animals in your neighborhood. I'm guessing you don't. I don't. I feed mine and see that they have the best medical care. If I feed the strays and let my own go without, what kind of parent am I?

      Alabamians first...

  2. btw, I grew up in Florence and still have family there. Yes, I currently live in Nashville.

  3. I live in Russellville, aka Little Mexico. Personally, I'm tired of being scared to drive beside/behind what ever on the same street as the hispanics. For 1-Most don't have insurance(That's the reason they got Mississippi tags and live here) Also I have been in 2 wrecks in my lifetime both involved Mexicans and neither had insurance. 2) They can't freaking drive, they don't know when to yield or when to go, how to switch lanes or use signals etc.

    Also my daughter just turned 5 in October, because of this, she can't start school till the next year. I have had her enrolled in Head Start/Pre-K since she was 3....she hasn't got in yet but there are at least 20-30 Mexican/Puerto Rican/Guatemalan kids there. How many of those are "border babies" We pay taxes, have good jobs do everything we should be doing yet my child can't go to preschool.

    Call me racist if you want, I call myself a concerned parent/citizen. I don't know if this post will get accepted because it might be considered offensive but these are my feelings and I have a right to say them, JMHO.

  4. Ok. You sound very racist, but not very Christian. I'm not sure I want my child playing with yours if these are the values your're teaching. Who is "we" by the way? I bet I know. Are "we" all white and middle class? And btw...I was talking to this nice, Christian, Mexican man the other day in Russelville. He told me he'd been in exactly TWO wrecks in his whole life and they were BOTH with this crazy white woman! She did have insurance though...