Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lane Roland or Troy Woodis?

Incumbent Colbert County Commissioner Troy Woodis and newcomer Lane Roland are competing for the Democratic nomination for Commission District Two. Woodis is the owner of Woodis Properties and also works for Coldwell Banker in Florence. Woodis has in years past been the pick of the TimesDaily.

Lane Roland is the manager of the North Alabama Gas District's Madison Office.Roland formerly worked with the City of Sheffield as an engineer.

Neither real estate nor natural gas transmission would seem to prepare one for the political arena, but that has yet to stop many candidates. Their credentials otherwise seem equal.

We've had some fun with Woodis and his "press ops" concerning the now defunct National Alabama Rail Car facility in Barton, but he has nonetheless served his county well. We happily endorse Troy Woodis as the Democratic nominee for Colbert County Commission Place 2.


The Florence Civil Service Board has stated the new police chief will come from within the department. Currently there are two deputy chiefs: Neil Rhodes and Tim Shaddix. Whoever succeeds Rick Singleton will have some proverbially large shoes to fill.


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