Monday, February 13, 2012

A LEO Speaks Out on Airsoft/"Colby" Hall?

A faithful reader who is also a retired law enforcement officer (LEO) has some interesting comments concerning Airsoft and Hershel Dale Graham (who was 16 when he shot his stepfather):

While I support one's right to own and use AirSoft 'guns' (RESPONSIBLY), speaking from a LEO's perspective, they pose a very real danger. LEOs rarely have the luxury of  'time' when someone points a 'weapon' at them or someone else in their presence. AirSoft 'guns' were/are designed to mimic real firearms. LEOs are trained to respond with deadly force if threatened with a firearm. If a LEO hesitates, even the slightest little bit, it may cost him or someone else their life (it already has). If someone points an AirSoft 'gun' at a LEO, I can only think that they are wanting to commit 'suicide by cop'.

In my opinion, the AK pictured being held in the vehicle is an 'AirSoft' model. Otherwise, it is a 'short barreled rifle'....recently made legal in Alabama, but ONLY with the payment of a $200 NFA tax and blessings from the BATFE. AirSoft 'guns' only need the 'red tip' to be sold...not possessed or used. Our TacTeam used AirSoft copies of the HK USP pistols and MP5s they used on duty for training.inside public buildings. 

At 16, juveniles don't possess 2nd Amendment rights. So...they cannot lose them.
Editor's Note: Wikipedia states that it is also illegal to possess an Airsoft or other simulated weapon without the red/orange tip. Wiki has been known to have misleading information; comments welcome.


A poster on Facebook recently mentioned the abominable spelling contained in the TimesDaily, which immediately prompted a rebuttal from TD staff writer Russ Corey. Why mention it here?

An article by Hannah Mask in today's TD mentioned "Colby" Hall. After reading the article, we commented on the incorrect name in the space provided by our local daily rag. This morning the comment had been deleted. We wonder if elementary school teachers still suggest reading the TD as a means to improve English and communication skills?


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