Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Violent Youth Doesn't Get Help

Years ago bomb threats and similar notices of violence were classified as disturbing the peace or even as simple pranks if the guilty party was underage. Now police take such threats extremely seriously, as they should, but are they all equal?

Last Monday night a 14 year-old boy posted on his Facebook page that he was planning on blowing up Muscle Shoals High School, as well as planning on bringing a gun to the school to kill both students and faculty. It would be difficult to do both, but an alert teacher informed police. Less than 12 hours later the boy was arrested at school and taken to a juvenile detention facility.

The unidentified student was living with his grandfather, so we may assume he previously had a troubled home life. Would he have gone through with his threats? Only he knows the answer to that question. No matter the answer, the boy needs help to mature beyond such violent reactions to everyday problems.

What of those who don't get help? A 16 year-old boy shot his reputedly abusive stepfather and claimed self-defense. The shooting in question occurred 34 years ago, and the records in the case were least until recently. The shooter is now 50 year-old Hershel Dale Graham who admits to killing David Andrasik last November. He's again claiming self-defense.

Attorneys for former UAH professor Amy Bishop are seeking to bar records of her previous violent assault from being admitted into evidence at her trial. We expect the attorney for the former wrestler from Red Bay to do the same. How sad no one helped Hershel Graham get the help he needed.


What's behind sudden Sheffield opposition to a gun club shooting range? Several readers have asked us this question, but if the Colbert County town has any ulterior motives, we're not aware of them. Readers? Anyone have any ideas? Comments always welcome.


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  1. How would you want Graham to have gotten the help he needed if he or his family had no resources? I assume the state would have to pay for that help, but Republicans want those funds directed to mental health cut. And the writers of this blog have stated they don't want federal funds or universal health care. You can't have it both ways. That's what frustrates me most about conservatives. They want people to get help but have no solution as to how if they can't pay. There are a lot of people that fall through the cracks in our society. It's only when something bad happens that people tend to care.