Monday, February 27, 2012

Better for Colbert Schools: Montgomery or Olivis?

If you've read anything at all about Colbert County Schools recently, you know this system is in trouble. There is a shortfall of funds in order to run the system, and now the central office is so overrun with mold that a new (as in we hope older remodeled) building is considered the only hope. So who should take the helm of this beleagered system?

Bob "Tuc" Montgomery is one of two candidates running on the Democratic ticket. Here is his vision statement:

If elected as Superintendent of Education in Colbert County, I will take a goal-setting approach.  My primary goal will be to continue the success the Colbert County School District has experienced in recent years.  Our current Central Office administration has done a great job in these tough financial times, managing to improve academic standards while facing extensive budget cuts.

I want to continue improving our academics and ensure that our district is providing every child the opportunity and tools they need to either pursue a higher education or a career in the trades, depending on their own aspirations.  I want to see to it that those kids who struggle are provided with opportunities for success.  The superintendent’s job is ultimately about preparing our kids for a bright future, and that will be my top priority.

Some of the key functions of the superintendent are ensuring the district has a strong and progressive academic curriculum, providing for a strong financial base, and fostering good parent/community involvement in each of our schools.  While each of these is critical, the financial issue will be the biggest challenge we face because it will be a balancing act to continue progressing academically while controlling expenditures.  This will be one of my major focus areas – we have to provide the best education possible based on our financial resources, while keeping the doors open and providing paychecks for our people.

The second Democratic Candidate is Anthony Olivis. Here is his vision statement:

I am running for the position of Superintendent of the Colbert County Schools System. I feel confident in my ability as an educator and principal and now, I would like the opportunity to lead our school system to further successes.

Due to the obvious disparity in the scholastic records of these two candidates, we feel it's almost a redundency to endorse a candidate here; however, we confidently predict Tuc Montgomery is the man to lead Colbert County out of its current misasma of financial difficulty and into a bright future. We wholeheartely endorse Robert "Tuc" Montgomery for the Democratic nomination.


No matter how you personally feel about inducing abortion as a means of birth control or to eradicate the results of a rape, etc., you should still have enough common sense to know when a state bill would financially benefit a member of our legislature. From Greg Reed:

But there’s no chance Preferred Medical Systems, where Reed is vice president, would benefit, he said. It is the company’s policy not to do business with abortion providers. I do not sell ultrasound equipment in my business to clinics that are abortion clinics,” the Republican state senator said recently. According to campaign information, Preferred Medical Systems sells diagnostic medical equipment in five states.

The above statement is the epitome of doublespeak. There are only a handful of "abortion clinics" in Alabama. There are many obstetric clinics which offer abortions when necessary. We don't see where Reed is promising not to sell to them. Aren't politicians wonderful?



  1. I don't see credentials of the first candidate that would make him a better choice. The second states he was in education. I don't know either man, so I find information lacking here.

  2. You're right that we need to enumerate these shortly. As with any endorsement, we encourage those whom we may not support to offer any new information or rebuttal. Thanks. We also encourage polite comments in support of those whom we may not endorse.

  3. I have a student at the elementary and high school at Colbert Heights where these two men are principal. While one of the men is all about the children's best Interest and has never lied to me, the other seems to be more about the political side of the position. He has also went on things that other people have told him without searching out the truth and discussin the matter with both parties before coming to a conclusion of how to handle the matter. My advice is that you talk to various people who have students at both the high school and elementary at Colbert Heights and make your own decision. My vote will be placed for Anthony Olivis!

  4. Anthony Olivis for Colbert County Schools Superintendent

    There are many of you that may not be aware of who I am or the background I have in education. These are some significant items that I would like to share.

    • 2007 to Present – Principal, Colbert Heights High School, Tuscumbia, Al.
    • 2003 to 2007 – Assistant Principal, Colbert Heights High School, Tuscumbia, Al.
    • 2001 to 2003 – Principal, Colbert Heights Elementary School, Tuscumbia, Al.
    • 2000 to 2001 – Assistant Principal/Teacher, (7th grade Math and Career Exploration), Colbert County High School, Leighton, Al.
    • 1998 to 2000 – Teacher, (5th grade), Leighton, Al.
    • 1997 to 1998 – Teacher (Keyboarding and Physical Education), Colbert County Alternative School, Tuscumbia, Al.

    • Current student (Instructional Leadership) at the University of Alabama
    • M.A. Educational Administration, University of North Alabama – July 2000.
    • B.S. Elementary Education, Athens State University – May 1996.
    • BNCOC – Basic Non-Commissioned Officers Course, U. S. Army, 2004.
    • PLDC – Primary Leadership Development Course, U. S. Army, 1989.
    • Colbert Heights High School – Class of 1983.

    Notable Information
    • Member of Leighton United Methodist Church.
    • Married in 1999 to Rebecca (Jody) Wilson and I have 2 great young men as my sons, Joe (17) and Jay (11)
    • 2000 to Present – Service as a Vice Chair and/or Team Member for AdvancED (SACS – Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) in the accreditation of schools or school districts.
    • 1999 to Present – Member of Phi Kappa Phi (National Honors Society)
    • 1984 to 2006 – U. S. Army (Active Duty/National Guard/Reserves – Retired as Sergeant First Class), 10 years active service – 2005 Combat Tour in Iraq.
    • Military awards include – (3)Army Commendation Medals, (5) Army Achievement Medals, (2) Good Conduct Medals, (2) National Defense Service Medals, (1) Iraq Campaign Medal, and (1) Humanitarian Service Medal. Ribbons also were earned and worn as appropriate.

    Why do I seek this office?

    I seek this position because I know I can provide the leadership that is necessary to keep our school system moving forward. Our school system requires a leader that can and will work diligently with all stakeholders in order to meet the needs of our students, teachers, parents and communities in providing the highest quality education possible. I am the candidate that can provide the leadership necessary for our school system to meet the goals and objectives laid out during our recent district accreditation and our 5 year plan.

    What is the most important issues in my race and what specifically will I do to improve the situation?

    The biggest issue at hand is financial in nature. Although our school system is currently in good financial shape, cuts in educational funding almost seem to be a constant challenge handed down by the state. It is imperative that I work diligently in focusing on providing the best education possible, retain and/or hire high quality personnel and ensure we have the best possible facilities, professional development and materials for our schools in order to provide the richest educational experience our students so richly deserve.

    Why should people vote for me?

    First, I consider myself to be person of good, moral character. I am also a person with a solid work ethic with a strong desire to see things through. My performance as a principal at the high school and elementary school level as well as my performance as an assistance principal and teacher has been exemplary. It would be an honor for me to serve the students, teachers, parents and communities of the Colbert County School System as Superintendent and lead our schools into the future.

    I know this took a few minutes to read and I apologize. This is an important position and I feel confident in my own ability to assume this position and serve all our stakeholders in around our schools systems community

  5. First an Formost.... I would like to say these two men have run such a great race with each respecting each other feeling. It has gotton to where there is so much mud slinging in other political races. I want to say Hats Off to You TWO MEN!!!! Great Race!!!!

    Mr. Bob " Tuc" Montgomery was raised in Colbert County. He attended Colbert Heights Elem. & Colbert Heights High School graduted from there in 1975. He got his B.A. Degree in 1998. Mr. Montgomery got his Administrative Endorsement, at U.N.A. Florence, Ala. May 2001.

    Before beginning his carer in education he worked 18 years with T.V.A. Two years as business manger where he was responsible for a annual budget. This gives him hands on experience in handling our funds if elected Colbert County Superintendent.

    Mr. Montgomery I have watched you for four years interact with the children at Colbert Heights Elem. I have seen you laugh an even at times tear up when a child was in need. I have seen you go to your office with many children to dig into that candy dish to ease the childs pain. While digging into that special candy dish I am sure you shared something with that child that will last a lifetime. I know this for a FACT you did this for my child.

    Thank You So Very Much Mr. Montgomery!!!
    My Family and I Will be at The Poll for Bob "Tuc" Montgomery on March 13, 2012.

  6. I would like to know Why Mr. Olivis Children go to a Lauderdale City School. If it is a Private School, Why not one here in Colbert County? I feel that if he Lives, Works, and Running for Colbert County Superintendent. Then he Should Support Our School System Not Another. I mean that is just taking away from Our School System. I Mean Come On Now People! Is Our School System Not Good Enough? Why is it Mr. Olivis?