Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mignon Willis Exhonerated/Dana Allen Update

Former Cherokee Mayor Mignon Willis has now overturned a civil judgment against her in Mississippi. In 2010, Rehab Solutions of Tupelo, Mississippi, a company owned and operated by Willis' extended family, secured a judgment against the accountant. Willis contented she was not guilty of any malfeasance, and the Supreme Court of Mississippi has upheld her position.

Willis currently serves as chairman of Cherokee's Water Board. Her supporters are encouraging her to run against long time mayor Chuck Lansdell. Willis previously served one term as mayor and has been a constant thorn in the political side of Chuckles Duckles, as one of his online alter-egos dubs him. Stay tuned.


There’s little worse than witnessing the fall of a person who held public trust. We will assume that’s the reason many have e-mailed us concerning the professional status of Dana Myhan Allen, an employee of Florence OB/Gyn who has been charged with Second Degree Rape.

Was she in fact a nurse? This question seems to be the basis of much concern among our readers. Here’s what a health care administrator has to say:

The state database does not list this Dana Allen as a licensed nurse. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a nursing degree. Remember anyone can wear scrubs and usually do if they work in a doctor’s office. Mrs. Allen could be licensed in another state, but her employer could not allow her to work as a nurse unless licensed in the State of Alabama. If Mrs. Allen has claimed to be a licensed nurse she could be subject to another felony charge.


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  1. I read the Miss. Supreme Court Ruling. I don't understand. I read she is still guilty, she still has to payback over 24,000.00 dollars. She don't have to pay back the other large amount, because her employer trusted her and didn't stand over her like a hawk. So that is neglect on his part. Everybody is acting like she is innocent.