Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Let's Play a Game: Which Line Are You In?

Get ready, gentle readers, today we're going to play a game. If your last name starts with A-M, you will go into Line 1. If your last name starts with N-Z, you will go into Line 2. Now pay close attention, there will be different instructions for each line.

Line 1: Stay in line. Don't push or shove. As you enter the line, pay us 5K.
Line 2: No need to stand on protocol. Stand where you wish. Everything is gratis.

Line 1: Proceed slowly to the first marker. Be ready to pay us another 5K.
Line 2: Move as fast as you wish. Your money is no good here.

Line 1: Wait to enter until the person before you has completely entered. Hand over 5K more.
Line 2: The door is wide, no need for any real lines. It's all good and it's all free.

Line 1: You're in, but not done. Show us your immunization records and pay another 5K.
Line 2: You're in. No need for immunization. Medicaid will take care of that. All free, of course.

Line 1: Don't complain that it's taken several years. Swear you've never committed a crime of moral turpitude and provide us with the name of your future employer.
Line 2: You made it in just days! Great! Criminal record? Who cares? No job? Don' t worry; we have plenty of food stamps and other hand outs--all courtesy of the people in Line 1.

Anyone in Line 1 feel just a little discriminated against? How about the hard working woman who survived the atrocities of World War II and then had to repay her passage to the U.S.? How about the Indian family who have become citizens, own several business, and still can't get their parents into this country? How about the young Australian woman with a great education, wonderful job prospects, and an American husband? In fact, perhaps she would offer us a few words of wisdom:

Sydney Morris Oh no! You mean that illegals might have to do what EVERY OTHER IMMIGRANT HAS TO DO TO ENTER & STAY IN THE U.S. LEGALLY? Yeah, pay up, get in line, pay again, take the HIV test, pay up some more and wait like the rest of us.

And there are actual citizens who support illegal immigrants who have no job, no education, and slim prospects of ever supporting themselves in this country?


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